Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo Weddings and Events Venue on Lake Maggiore
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Villa Claudia - Marchesi Dal Pozzo

Villa Claudia - Marchesi Dal Pozzo - Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo

A little History


Villa Claudia was a wedding present from Ferdinando Arborio, Duke of Sartirana, Marquis of Breme, to his wife Luisa Dal Pozzo della Cisterna, in 1827. It was their home when residing on Lake Maggiore and still belongs to the Dal Pozzo d’Annone family, who have striven to maintain intact its original distinctive style.

The family coat of arms is formed by a well, supported by 2 dragons.
The well was the original symbol representing the family name. It is said that the Dal Pozzo Family dates back to roman times, when they were known as “a puteo” o “de puteo” which would translate as “of the well” or “appertaining to the well”. It was later, in the second century a.c., that the two dragons were added to the well.

The coat of arms thus formed and still utilised by the Family represents two dragons drinking from the well, and signifies that they are in fact protecting the well so that its water never becomes muddy. This is reflected in the Family motto “Turbida nunquam” which translates as never let anything be less than crystal clear.

The reception rooms are furnished with important paintings, antique furniture and elegant fittings reminiscent of grand English houses. Guests are transported back to an era of elegance and leisure and the surrounding terraces, with their magnificent views over the Lake, reinforce this magical feeling. Receptions can also held around the pool area, which adds to the feeling of exclusivity created by the sole use of this beautiful location. The exceptionally beautiful scenery, the careful attention to detail and a first class catering service all combine to offer guests an unique experience at all times. 

The Villa has also an equipped private beach and a mooring dock so that guests can come and go with boats of different sizes. 

Villa Clauida is by far the perfect place for a stay in exclusive and absolute discretion with personalized services that will satisfy all your needs. You will enjoy in all the rooms and the four living rooms at home.


Villa Claudia is open from May to October. In winter on request.

Room Reservation, from May to October, send an email to





Patrik & Nicoletta Wedding

 - Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo

Relax by the side of the pool, where loungers and large sun umbrellas allow you to lie back and relax, whilst enjoying spectacular views of Lake Maggiore.

This corner of Villa Claudia is ideal for summer weddings, spring cocktails or autumn events.


Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo, a splendid “Historic House”, is the ideal, prestigious venue for your dream wedding, in one of Italy’s most beautiful spots. Set in romantic gardens, the Villa lends itself as the perfect setting for all weddings. The garden and pool are ideally suited to an outdoor champagne reception before the wedding breakfast.

 - Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo